On the day when the old house of the Calcutta University Institute was partially destroyed by fire, he gave a brief description of the Calcutta University Institute to his grandson Kunal Sen. He narrated, the Institute was previously called the Society for Higher Training of Young Men and Rashbehari Ghosh changed the name to Calcutta University Institute. He came to Calcutta in 1905 and became the member of the Institute. Rabindranath Tagore visited the institute in their time and he sang "tumi kyamon kore gan koro he guni.....". The song was not published and the day he sang the song in the in the Institue R.C. Majumdar and his friends wrote it to publish it in their hand written magazine which used to come out from Mechobajar Street in 1911. In the recording he also narrated few incidents of his studentlife in the institute.