The following books were penned by Prof. Majumdar and were donated to The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata.

  • The Early History of Bengal
  • Champa, Ancient Indian Colonies in the Far East, Vol. I
  • Suvarnadvipa, Ancient Indian Colonies in the Far East, Vol. II
  • The History of Bengal
  • Kambuja Desa Or An Ancient Hindu Colony In Cambodia
  • An Advanced History of India
  • The History and Culture of the Indian People (in eleven volumes)
  • Ancient India
  • History of the Freedom movement in India (in three volumes)
  • Vakataka – Gupta Age Circa 200–550 A.D.
  • Main currents of Indian history
  • Classical accounts of India
  • Hindu Colonies in the Far East, Calcutta
  • India and South-East Asia, I.S.P.Q.S. History and Archaeology Series Vol. 6
  • The History of Ancient Lakshadweep
  • Corporate Life in Ancient India

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Other Miscellaneous Documents & Digitised Photographs are available with Centre for Studies in Social sciences, Calcutta.


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